3 axis accelerometer 16 bit data output LIS302DLH


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3 Axis Accelerometer with 16 bit accuracy. Great for Hobby projects

Wide supply voltage, 2.16 V to 3.6 V
Low voltage compatible IOs, 1.8 V
Ultra low-power mode consumption
down to 10 µA
±2g/±4g/±8g dynamically selectable full-scale
I2C/SPI digital output interface
16 bit digital data output ( No More A/D conversion)
2 independent programmable interrupt
generators for free-fall and motion detection
Sleep to wake-up function
6D orientation detection
Embedded self-test
10000 g high shock survivability

Motion activated functions

Free-fall detection
Intelligent power saving for handheld devices
Display orientation
Gaming and virtual reality input devices
Impact recognition and logging
Vibration monitoring and compensation

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