Power Line Communication Module


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Product Description

Working rate:120~135KHZ
Interface baud rate:9600bps, the true baud rate is 100bps,250-byte buffer
Temperature:-25 degree~+70 degree
Humidity: ≤90%
Power:DC +5V
Receiver:≤11mA Transmitter:≤300mA

Pin Assignments:

1P-AC: 220V AC voltage of the line of fire (or zero line)
2P-AC: 220V AC voltage zero line (or FireWire)
3P-+5 V: +5 V to send power (210mA), single income data can be vacant reduce power consumption
The 4P-GND: Digital circuit ground
5P-+5 V: +5 V operating supply 11mA, the lowest operating voltage to 3.3V but not recommended
6P-RX: TTL level, carrier data into, then MCU TXD
7P-TX: TTL level, carrier data out, then the microcontroller RXD
8P-MODE: mode selection, vacant or connected to 5V high ground is low
9P-NC/RST: reset pin (active low) frequent switching mode. Do not need this feature, the pin should


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