RS232 to TCP/IP Ethernet module


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TCP/IP serial protocol converter USR-TCP232-S can be used to transfer TCP or UDP network packets with RS232 interface data, achieving transparent transmission. This equipment has small size, low power consumption, carrying the ARM processor, quick speed, high stability.
This is a multifunctional embedded Ethernet serial data conversion module. Its internal integration of the TCP/IP protocol stack, the user can use it to finish embedded equipment network function easily, saving manpower material resources and developing time, making the product be more quickly put into the market, enhancing the competitiveness.
Module integrated 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface, serial communication highest baud rate as high as 230.4 Kbps, providing the TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP work mode, configurating easily through the software.
Super performance, high speed to send data without losing packet.
Pin standard 2.54 mm spacing, module size 33*20 mm


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