UART WiFi Network Module


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Built-in 32-bit high-performance CPU, integrated 802.11MAC
Protocol software functions;
plug-and-play, the main processor does not need to make any changes
Can access a wireless local area network;
module provides a high-security network access, support WAPI
WEP/WPA/WPA2 international safety standards, can
Configured via software;
communication adjustable rate, the highest data communication rate
Adjustable transmit power, maximum power up to 100mW;
Communication distance: indoor 80 meters, outdoor 300 meters;
Support TCP / UDP / RAW agreement;
easy parameter configuration through the user interface;
interface flexibility, lower power consumption;
Small size design, suitable for small handheld devices;


The serial device networking (TCP / IP) networking is a trend of the industrial field, but the field wiring and this brought about the construction,
The renovation costs often become a bottleneck of the serial device networking existing GPRS / CDMA and other programs will bring the cumulative
The Aung use costs, and serial device networking solutions based on WLAN technology successful solution to the above problem.
Serial device wireless networking program based on the product and save wiring costs, high mobility, and save the line-dimensional
Protection and the cost of re-arrangement, and does not have any usage fees.
The module is to provide the best solutions to achieve a secure connection between the the main UART interface devices and wireless LAN
Case, the module can be widely used for the UART interface equipment expansion and secure wireless LAN functionality applications.
This module can be used in the following products
Bus wireless POS machines
The Financial wireless POS machines
Industrial Wireless Data Acquisition System
Internet Radio
Wireless Digital Photo Frame


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